Euro 2021 Prize Money: How much will the winner get in prize

Euro 2021 Prize Money, how much will the winner get in prize: We all are eagerly waiting for the upcoming Euro 2021 championship, however, there is much more eagerness to know How much is the Euro 2021 Prize Money. Fans are curious to reveal what is the amount that teams will receive for Euro 2021 Prize money?. Also how winners will be awarded or how much they will earn as Euro 2021 Prize Money? What amount runners up will receive as Euro 2021 Prize Money? Also How much Participants will gain as Euro 2021 Prize Money?

Euro 2021 Prize Money Distribution
Euro 2021 Prize Money Distribution

Euro 2021 Prize Money

The Euro 2021 Prize Money will remove a limit of Euro 34 million, contrasted with Euro 27 million out of the 2016 UEFA France championship.

Euro 2021 is one of the important events for the players as the winners are rewarded with huge prize money. This time organizers have come up with a significant increase in the prize money pool which has been finalized after the Euro 2021 group stage matches. It is confirmed by the UEFA that the teams participating will be awarded around Euro 301 million as total prize money to be distributed among 24 national teams.

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Total Price Pool is up to Euro 371 Million

The UEFA Euro 2021 Prize money has been increased by 23 percent which is more than the previous Euro 2016 in France. In the qualifying event, a total of 24 teams have been qualified for the Euro 2021 championship and cash of Euro 371 million will be shared among them, which is a significant increment from the previous European championship, stated by UEFA at their congress in Bratislava on Monday.

Participation Fee €9,25 million For each and every 24 teams
Drawing a Group Match €500,000 For drawing a match in the group stage
Winning a Group Match €1 million Every time a team wins a group match
Round of 16 €1.5 million Awarded to each and every 16 teams
Quarter-Finals €2.5 million Awarded to all eight teams in quarterfinalists
Semifinals €4 million Awarded to all four teams in semifinals
Runner-ups €5 million Awarded To Team losing in the final
Champions €8 million Awarded to Final Winners
Max Potential Earning €34 million Potential earning for euro 2018 winners can reach €34m

Euro 2021 Prize Money Distribution

As mentioned earlier total of 24 teams will be participating in the Euro 2021 championship. Each of the 24 teams will receive a pool of Euro 8 million as a participation fee. Also apart from this prize amount, there are bonus amounts in the group stage with Euro 1 million for every win and Euro 5 million for every match drawn.

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Team qualifying for the group round of 16 will receive an additional Euro 1.5 million. The team reaching the quarterfinal stage will be awarded another Euro 2.5 million. There will be four Semi finalists and the teams qualifying for it will pocket another Euro 4 million each.
Teams reaching the Runners Upstage will receive another Euro 5 million and the winner of the Euro 2021 Championship will be awarded a whopping prize amount of Euro 8 million in addition to what they have already earned till the semi final prize amount.

UEFA Euro 2021 Prize Money Winner – Portugal

This time, the UEFA Euro 2021 Winner will receive an increment of Euro 34 million, as compared to that of Euro 27 million winning amount from the 2016 championship.

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