Everything You need to Know about UEFA Euro 2020

The most important sporting event of the year, UEFA Euro 2020 announced by UEFA on 17th March 2020 got delayed due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Earlier the Championship was scheduled to take place on 17th June 2020, which has been rescheduled from 11th June to 11th July 2021.

The organizers however decided to organize the event with the same name “UEFA Euro 2020”.

Know about UEFA Euro 2020
Know about UEFA Euro 2020

Since 1960, UEFA Euro Championship has been held after every four years however the championship is quite interesting and holds many exciting features that make it a unique and peculiar sporting event.

For the first time in the history of the UEFA European Championship, the role of the referee will be conducted by VAR which Video Assistant Referee.

How did the UEFA European Championship develop?
Henri Delaunay, the French Football Federations Administration in 1927 submitted a proposal to FIFA to begin a European Football Competition, however unfortunately his dream came into existence after his death. The First EURO Championship was held in France and the trophy was named in Delaunay’s honor.

Why are multiple countries hosting UEFA Euro 2020?
The UEFA Euro 2020 Championship is special for each hosting country as it marks the 60th anniversary of the tournament. This time UEFA has decided to celebrate the event uniquely by organizing the tournament and its matches in different countries instead of one single host country.

Also, it should be noted that the selection of the host country does not mean that the national team of that country is automatically qualified.

What is the format of UEFA Euro 2020?
UEFA have not suggested any changes in the format of the UEFA Euro 2021 as it will be conducted based on UEFA Euro 2016. This time also the championship will comprise of 4 teams divided into 6 groups.

How much is the prize money for UEFA Euro 2020?
The total prize money for UEFA Euro 2020 championship is Euro 371 million

Also this year the prize pool is significantly higher compared to that of the UEFA Euro 2016 in France. Each participating team in UEFA Euro 2020 championship will receive a fee of Euro 9.25 million.

The winning team of the UEFA Euro 2020 championship will be awarded prize money of Euro 34 million.

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